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Read The Future of Liverpool

Liverpool  season 2013-2014 was one of the team who playing beautiful and attractive in Europe. They scored 101 goals, fewer 1 goal from the champion of Premier League Manchester City. Beside that, the top score and top assist were Liverpool player. Suarez scored 31 goals and Sturridge scored 20 goals and Gerrard with 12 assists.

In this season, there are significant change in team. Suarez has moved to Barcelona with pay’s transfer 75 million pounds. So, it’s sure a big problem for Liverpool to look for his substitued.

We believe that Rodgers have made plan to anticipate this condition. From the transfer window, we knew player that join Liverpool and analize who replace him. So far, Liverpool have bought Lambert and Lallana from Southampton, Markovic from Benfica and Emre Can from Bayern Leverkusen.

In my opinion, Sturridge will be a goal gatter and first option as striker. Maybe, Liverpool next season will play with only one striker because there isn’t player as well as Suarez. So, as a solution Rodgers hope from second line to score from Markovic, Sterling, Lallana and Coutinho. Last season Lallana scored 10 goals in Southampton, Markovic scored 5 goals in Benfica, Sterling and Coutinho scored 8 & 5 goals. So, Rodgers maybe will increase abbilty to score goals from second line.

Beside that, Rodgres still have the others amunition. Gerarrad and Lambert will useful to scored in set pieces because they have a quality to do it. Lambert always score from penalty in his professional carier as a footballer. Last season, he scored 13 goals from Southampton,  so we think that he is the best striker to back up Sturridge.

So, we conclude that, Liverpool will play as a team, not depend on one player. Team will be collective and support each other among players.


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